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Specification:Setelah mengkonsumsi Laura VCO selama 4 bulan ( s/ d saat ini bulan September 2010) , seorang pemuda bernama Bambang Sentosa ( bukan nama sebenarnya) , Jakarta, 25 tahun, yang sudah dinyatakan oleh medis positif HIV AIDS, sembuh .... ( Minum 3x sehari 3 sendok makan Laura VCO)

Dede ( ODHA orang dengan HIV AIDS) divonis umurnya kurang 2 minggu lagi, bulan November 2009 mulai minum Laura VCO, bulan Desember 2009 masih hidup dan semakin sehat ...

Johny, seorang pelaut, positif HIV AIDS, kulitnya penuh dengan kutil dan bernanah, 1 bulan setelah minum Laura VCO, semua kutil yang bernanah sembuh , kulitnya kembali mulus ...

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Usage :
3 tablespoons 3 times daily

AIDS ( acquire immunodeficiency syndrome) is a disease immune deficiency. AIDS patients will look thin and weak due to the immune system tubulmya subverted by the HIV virus.

Research results showed that Virgin Coconut Oil ( VCO) , which is Lauric acid and acid kaprat, can kill HIV in culture in the laboratory. Obtained information that the person who has AIDS virus infection decreased power after eating coconuts and drinking santannya. Materials efficacious HIV infection is lower Lauric acid in the body that turned into Monolaurin. Monolaurin This will separate the viral membrane in a way to weaken until finally released. In these conditions, the virus naked without protection again and eventually be slain by this Monolaurin.

Minis data from studies that have been made by expert emeritus of pharmacology, the consumption of VCO 9 tablespoons a day can reduce the viral infection during the 6 months. In these conditions, weight and body condition will increase.

After doing research for more than two decades, the AIDS epidemic is still strong. Has developed a drug to help slow the progression of the disease, but as in other viral diseases, there is no cure for it. However, there is hope. One area of research of the most exciting and active with this VCO is HIV-infected treatment, which, like many other organisms, have a lipid membrane vulnerable to VCO. researchers found that the fatty acid chain is ( MCFA middle-chain fatty acids) , particularly Lauric acid and kaprat, effective to kill HIV in laboratory culture. This opens the door to the possibility of treatment of HIV / AIDS is far more secure than the antiviral drugs now in use.

One problem that has antiviral drugs used to fight HIV is to have side effects that are not desirable, including muscle wasting, nausea, vomiting, anorexia, bone marrow suppression, ulcers, bleeding, skin rash, anemia, fatigue, and changes in mental function . Another issue is the AIDS virus can become resistant to drugs, often become more vulnerable to it. Specific joint resistance is different from the patient' s virus to patients. To combat the resistant strains of this supervirus, doctors use the approach hit-or-miss by mixing a cocktail of patented AIDS drugs. More and more drugs are used, the greater the risk of side effects that are not desirable. Unlike the standard treatments used to treat HIV, which attacks the virus genetic material, a fatty acid chain was only destroy the virus. Almost like the other fatty acids that make up the viral lipid membrane, we VCO is absorbed by the virus; it weakens the membrane to be torn, so kill the virus. Sekah unlikely for the virus to develop resistance to this mechanism, so we VCO can attack and kill every strain of HIV, even supervirus that are genetically resistant to the drug.

Over the years, many people infected with HIV who reported a decrease viral load ( amount of virus in the blood) and general health improvements after MCFA as we terkadung in this VCO. Some reported decline in viral load to undetectable levels after the type of MCFA for several weeks.

The first clinical studies on the effectiveness of MCFA to treat HIV patients reported by Cornrado Dayrit, MD, professor emeritus in the field of pharmacology at the University of the Philippines and former president of the National Academy of Science and Technology, Philippines. In this penetitian, HTV 14 patients, aged 22-38 years, divided into three groups. None of the patients received anti-HIV treatment other during the study. Treatments are tested on their compare Monolaurin ( monogliserida of Lauric acid found in our VCO) of pure coconut oil. One group ( four patients) were given 22 g Monolaurin every day. The second group ( five patients) were 7, 2 g Monolaurin. The third group ( five patients) to 31 / 2 tablespoons of our VCO. Oil is given to the third group contains Lauric acid in the amount of approximately the same as found in Monolaurin given to the first group. After treatment for three months, the viral load has decreased in seven patients. After six months, at the end of the study, 9 of 14 patients experienced a decrease the amount of virus ( two in group one, four in group two, and three in group three) . Eleven patients gain weight and look better.

This research ensures that the random reports say that MCFA from pure coconut oil has the effect of and-HIV and provide a solid clinical evidence that Monolaurin and effective coconut oil in addition to fighting HIV research currently being conducted to further investigate the use of our VCO Monolaurin and this to treat HIV / AIDS.
HIV patients often suffer from malnutrition and recurrent infections. Resistance to infectious diseases decreased with increasing progression of the disease. Such opportunistic Mikroorgamsme Cytomegalovirus, candida, Cryptosporidium, and others soon took over. Over time, the body becomes crushed by the disease so that survival becomes impossible. Fatty acids in our VCO is not only offers the possibility of reducing the load of HIV, but also kill other harmful organisms. Combined with the fact that Lauric acid and other MCFA improve digestion and energy production, the result is better health overall.

One of the most amazing benefits of our VCO is that it can kill viruses that cause disease. Antibiotics are useless against viruses, and antiviral drugs have limited effectiveness. Drugs used to treat viral infections are often accompanied by side effects that are not desirable. Our VCO is a natural product that is not dangerous as a way to help prevent and even cure a viral infection.

When the doctor had raised his hand, do not despair, fight with our VCO Laura is a proven cure many diseases. Laura VCO bibuat us this type of fresh fruit and Coconut options in the old tree, so that every drop of Laura VCO has proven Khasiatnya in curing chronic diseases.

Laura VCO VCO is not used, has passed the test of various medical and laboratory tests, smell and taste fresh and tasty, made from coconuts selection of natural beaches is not the result of hybrid processed 100% without any process of decay / fermentation without bacterial / enzimatis, without heating , no chemicals, no bleaching, which has proven to cure many degenerative diseases, cancer and viruses. ETC. such as smoothing skin, removing flek2 pigmentation on the face and neck, and hands. Also for anyone who drank it guaranteed industrious youth.

Laura' s potential usefulness of the VCO to treat and prevent various types of infections really surprising, ranging from flu to life-threatening conditions such as AIDS. Treat people infected with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, by giving them food containing MCFA recently showed promising evidence, and research now being done in this field.
Laura consuming VCO may be a simple solution for many diseases that we face today. Laboratory testing showed that MCFA found in coconut oil is processed in particular from the species from the forests of coconut effective option to destroy the virus that causes influenza, measles, herpes, mononucleosis, heparitis C, and AIDS; bacteria that can cause stomach wound, infekst throat, pneumonia, sinusitis, earache, rheumatism denam, cavities, food poisoning, kemh tract infections, meningitis, gonorrhea, and toxic shock syndrome; fungi and yeasts that cause ringworm, candida, and thrush; and parasites that can cause intestinal infections such as glardiasis .
It is amazing about her use to treat or VCO. prevent this situation is that although the deadly disease-causing microorganisms, coconut oil is not harmful to humans. Laura VCO is very effective against germs 3x stronger than that contained in breast milk to protect her child. Breast milk and milk from other mammals contain little MCFA. This is why the butter, which is a concentrated milk fat, also contain MCFA. Milk with sedangnya chain fatty acids protect the newborn from harmful germs on the most vulnerable time of life while their immune systems are still developing. This is one reason why coconut oil or MCFA added to infant formulas. Women who consume coconut oil will have more MCFA in milk to help protect and provide nutrition for the baby. if it was safe for a newborn, MCFA surely good enough for us. Nature makes MCFA to provide nutrients and protect us from infectious diseases.

Efficacious help cure various diseases including: diabetes, heart disease, physical weakness, stroke, high blood pressure, hemorrhoids, ulcers, kidney failure, hepatitis, prostate, isolate and stifle the vicious virus, helping neutralization process cholesterol safely and intensive, also prevent many diseases caused by viruses.

Improve stamina, rich in vitamin DHA Omega 3 + 6, Nutrition and other natural ingredients that are needed to help rejuvenate the body tissues and beautify the skin.

Medical researchers to develop synthetic drugs to fight infection admirable, but it is accompanied by side effects that are not desirable. Some highly toxic. Laura VCO is the weapons of the natural antimicrobial, and like the food that has passed the test of time, Laura is very safe VCO. if you consume Cap Oil Shen regularly you probably infected with the disease is greatly reduced.
Be Healthy and beautiful. Especially for the Sin She, the doctor and the medical alternatives in providing a very useful book for healing various diseases, can contact us.

health is the right of every human being, healing is all of our demands, " but it' s better to prevent than to cure

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